5 Reasons that Ebikes are a Sustainable Transport Choice

Date Posted:3 June 2022 

We should all be looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and live a more sustainable lifestyle, but it can be hard to know where to start. Many of us know that transport, particularly cars, contribute hugely to our carbon footprint, but don’t see a way to avoid using them while going about our day.

We’re here to tell you that there is an alternative. Ebikes allow you to travel much further distances than normal bicycles, without anything like the environmental effects of gas or diesel-fueled transport. Read on for five ways in which an ebike is the sustainable choice for getting around in the modern world. 

Zero Emissions

What do cars, vans, and motorcycles all have in common? They run on diesel and gas, and together, they contribute to the roughly 20% of global CO2 emissions that transport accounts for. Ebikes, on the other hand, have a vastly smaller emissions total, with only their charging accounting for any CO2 output at all. What’s more, by charging using green or renewable energy an ebikes overall emissions can reach net zero, hitting the ultimate sweet spot between convenience and sustainability.

Long-lasting Batteries

Running on electrically charged batteries automatically means less pollution. In addition, an ebikes batteries can also be further optimized to provide the maximum output with the least amount of electrical charge, thereby minimizing any emissions that come from you plugging your battery into the electrical grid. Our own Das-Kit ebike drive systems are built to provide the highest distance-per-charge, maximizing how far you can go and minimizing the amount of time that you need to plug in your batteries to give them another boost.

Lower Carbon Footprint

When it comes to lowering your personal carbon footprint, making less journeys by car is one of the best decisions you could make – and swapping it out for an ebike is an ideal substitute if you want to change the way you travel without sacrificing convenience or long distance travel.  

Clean Urban Environment

Many of us do a lot of our ebike riding in urban areas, while cruising around for leisure or during our daily commute. Beyond emitting zero carbon dioxide, ebikes also emit none of the general exhaust that cars do. That means that by riding an ebike through the city streets instead of driving a car, you do your bit to cut down on a leading contributor to poor air quality in cities.

Eco-friendly Batteries

It’s not just the lack of environmental pollution that makes ebikes more eco-friendly than other forms of transport, but the hardware too. Our ebikes use lithium-ion batteries, which contain no acids or other toxic materials like lead-acid batteries. This makes them much easier to recycle, making them more sustainable than their more hazardous alternatives. The fact that they can last years over literally hundreds and hundreds of rides without having to be replaced also makes them a sustainable choice.

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