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Are you prepared for the "asphalt jungle"? Do you want to avoid traffic jams and still arrive quickly and safely at your destination? Then our E-Trekking and Citybikes are just the thing for you. Roadworthiness, comfort, and elegance are the main features of our NCM T3s, NCM T7s, NCM Milano Plus, NCM T3, NCM Venice, NCM Venice Plus, ET.Cycle T1000, and ET.Cycle T720 which will take you from A to B reliably. Whether you need a women's or a men's bike, whether 26 inches or 28 inches, we'll arm you for the next tour, which can be a little longer, as our batteries don't force you to compromise on the range. 

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Trekking E-Bike – Nature is yours

What is required of a trekking e-bike? As a rule, it is about a high level of endurance and resilience. Whether it's a bike tour at the weekend or a planned bike trip, the electric motor will provide you with reliable support and also increase the range. In addition, you benefit from an extremely stable frame and robust luggage racks. So the next level of bike tours is not a big obstacle.

What is an Electric Trekking Bike?

Trekking e-bikes are electric bicycles that are specially designed for driving longer distances. The balancing act between a city bike and a  mountain bike  should be managed and the respective advantages such as maneuverability or off-road mobility should be combined. In order to achieve this, the reinforced frames, which resemble a city bike, are equipped with components that are otherwise only found on mountain bikes. The following main characteristics of an e-trekking bike can be highlighted:

  • Very robust frames, hubs and wheels
  • Ability to drive from the street to light terrain
  • Very high load capacity

However, there is a catch to the lavish equipment of an e-trekking bike. This is the weight that comes about with components such as luggage racks, stable mudguards and the lighting system. However, this is compensated for as the electric motor takes the rider plus the bike from one place to another with ease. This also means no more annoying sweating on the next climb, because a trekking e-bike reliably helps in almost every situation.

The most important? – The driving characteristics of Trekking E-Bikes!

The frames of a trekking e-bike can be described as the sporty variant of the city bike and are almost in the direction of a racing bike. In order to ensure a comfortable sitting position and to enable an upright seat, components such as the saddle, handlebars and stem must be well coordinated. This makes even the longest tours a leisurely ride and increases endurance.

Typical materials and common technology

In order to increase the torsional rigidity and damage resistance and at the same time not generate any additional weight, most e-trekking bike manufacturers rely on high-quality aluminum when manufacturing the frame.

At Leon Cycle, we consciously rely on the Das-Kit and Bafang brands for the motor and battery. These impress with very high battery capacities of up to 768 Wh. This is something you rarely see on the market and can take the driver up to 150 km.

Bike Suspension Robustness Frame Shape Equipment
Trekking Bike  Suspension Fork High (aluminum) Wave or Diamond Luggage carrier, road safety elements
City Bike  Suspension Fork or none High (aluminum) Wave or Diamond Luggage carrier, road safety elements
Cross Bike  Suspension Fork High (aluminum) Diamond Rarely road safety elements


What to look out for when buying an Electric Trekking Bike? Best Electric Trekking Bikes in Australia

Before you decide on a trekking e-bike, you should not forget to take a look at the specified range. In the case of the "range" usually refers to the average distance that gives a full charge of the battery. You have to consider that if you want to do without the support in between, the range can also be significantly higher. If you want to increase the range even further, you can use a replacement battery. This can then simply be carried in the backpack on longer tours and exchanged if necessary.