Since 2014, we at Leon Cycle have been selling electric bicycles from our Headquarters in Hanover, Germany. Under the brands "Leisger" and "NCM," we offer e-bikes for everyone in Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the USA, and the UK.  Starting in the E-Commerce Business, we established a vast service network with local bicycle shops and opened our brand stores in 2019. We offer a wide range of different models, in different sizes and colors, from the categories of e-mountain bikese-trekking, e-city bikes, and e-folding bikes. Our models are named after European cities. NCM bikes are enjoying tremendous growth in popularity receiving 3 different awards as Best Electric Bikes in Australia, partly due to our e-bike batteries' outstanding range, which is up to 150 kilometers, far above the average. In addition to the battery, other components distinguish the e-bike from a standard bicycle, above all the electric motor. Lastly, we also provide all the gear to convert regular bikes into e-bikes with our e-bike conversion kits

What are pedelecs? 

Anyone who deals with e-bikes often comes across the term pedelec in Australia. Is a pedelec an electric bike or an electric bike? An e-bike, short for electronic bicycle or electronic bike, is, as the name suggests, an electronically operated bike, or bike with an auxiliary motor. The electric drive can be based on different modes of operation. With a pedelec, the motor assistance kicks in when the driver begins to pedal himself. Thus, you always have to perform your pedaling performance; this is also derived from the full term Pedal Electric Cycle. This distinction is particularly relevant because, in Australia, only pedelecs are permitted as bicycles in road traffic. Decisive features of a pedelec are, in addition to the pedaling power to be provided, a maximum achievable speed of 25 km / h, and a motor with a rated continuous output of up to 250 watts. A so-called pushing aid is also allowed, enabling the rider to drive the bike with pure motor power up to accelerate to 6km / h. All of our electric bikes meet these requirements without exception, which means that they meet Australian standards.

Don’t have an E-bike but love your regular bicycle?

Whether you ride a mountain bike, a city bike, a ladies' bike, or maybe even a tandem, we can turn your bike into an electric bike with the right equipment. With an e-bike conversion kit, we offer you everything you need for your do-it-yourself e-bike. Ideal for hobbyists, nostalgic people who don't want to buy a new bike, and individualists who don't want to have a bike "off the shelf." Whether front, middle or rear engine, here you are, the designer yourself.

How do I find an NCM E-Bike retailer?

Please visit our store finder to locate your nearest NCM Electric Bike store.

We strive to support independent retailers who, in turn, represent our brand at all levels.

Unfortunately, we are not able to have a retailer in every community. Rest assured that we will continue expanding our network to offer better support services for your e-bike maintenance.