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Ready for an Electric Mountain Bike able to take on any terrain for your next adventure? Rough gravel roads? No problem! Our E-Mountain bikes offer exceptional performance for even more fun on off-road trails. Whether it's a hike in the wilderness or in the mountains, we have the right solution for you. Thanks to their maneuverability, agility, and ruggedness, no trail is too rough or hill too steep. High quality bike components allow for great performance and control on and off-road. With multiple levels of pedal assist, the only thing that will take your breath away is certainly not the climb, but the view you see when you reach your destination. Strength and power are the characteristics that describe our E-MTBs most accurately and are also reflected in their design. With sizes from 26 to 29 inches we offer everyone the opportunity to experience this feeling of freedom. Make up your own mind. 

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E-mountain bikes – bikes without limits

For people who love adventure and like to venture off-road, the mountain bike has been the perfect bike for over four decades. Regardless of whether there is a steep climb or the ground consists of coarse stones, the MTB is always the right choice. The only excuse that was valid here for a long time was "I can't do it anymore", but this has also become obsolete since the technology of electronic support. Where else you had to capitulate, now an electric ride helps to get the e-mountain bike over every mountain. In short, the riding pleasure increases and the tours know no limits.

What is an e-bike?

An e-bike is a normal bicycle that is powered by an electric motor. The energy required for this is provided by a powerful battery. This applies equally to all variants, from e-mountain bikes to e-cruisers. The term e-bike can also be broken down into pedelecs and s-pedelecs. The pedelec supports the pedaling driver up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h. An S-Pedelec usually has the option of driving the e-bike without pedalling. 

What is an E-mountain bikes?

A frequently asked question is what exactly defines an e-mountain bike, e-MTB or pedelec MTB. In general, there are three features to look out for compared to a conventional, non-motorized mountain bike:

  • More Power
  • Greater Robustness
  • Ute of E-Bikes

       These three differences result from the built-in electronics, which consists of the main components motor, battery, display and controller. The engine provides the necessary power, which is needed to master climbs or longer distances. This unleashed power requires manufacturers to also design the frame and design to make the E-MTB more robust. If you add these two features together, the result is the logically higher weight of an eMTB.

E-MTB - No mountain too high

The term fully mountain bike results from a full suspension of the bike. That means there is not only a suspension on the front fork, but also on the rear. This variant of the mountain bike finds further advantages in the motorisation. This is because there is usually a loss of power transfer through the rear suspension. The electric motor helps to overcome this problem and supports the driver when climbing mountains.

Hardtail mountain bike - the all-rounder

Hard trail mountain bikes are models that have a suspension fork at the front and a rigid rear end. As with conventional hard trail mountain bikes, power transmission remains optimal with an electric motor. This type of e-mountain bike is suitable for almost all types of touring, whether off-road or for commuting. So the fun on paved roads but also on medium terrain is not neglected.

Possible uses for your e-mountain bike

In general, it can be said that e-mountain bikes are suitable for every area of ​​riding. The motor allows you to drive easily through the forest or up the next mountain. The E-MTB also makes it possible for untrained bikers to master demanding tours.

The switchable motor allows you to precisely divide the power. For example, you ride without support up to the climb and easily switch it on at the beginning of the hill.

Best Electric Mountain Bikes?

If you decide to buy an e-mountain bike, you are spoiled for choice. Essentially, we offer 5 different models, which are perfectly suited for every use. Here is an overview of the selection:

When making your selection, please pay attention to the frame height, tire size and the built-in electronic performance. The focus should be on the motor and battery.