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Maximum flexibility! That's what our electric folding bikes offer you. Pleasant rides over long distances and easy transport by tram, bus, train or car? With its 20-inch wheels and compact design, our folding bikes fold to the size of handy luggage, making them easy to carry. Take anywhere. Store anywhere. Unfold, switch on, drive off... It can be that easy.

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Folding bike - Normal bike - what's the difference?

A folding bike is a small bicycle equipped with hinges and joints. These ensure that the already small bike can be folded/folded into a handy pack size with little effort. The folding mechanism often looks like the top tube and the handlebar tube can be folded down. The saddle can also be retracted.

Normally, a folding bike folds up in about 20 seconds. Of course, this takes a little practice at first, but you learn it very quickly. A folding bike is usually understood to mean a model from the 1960s. The modern versions, on the other hand, are referred to as folding bikes. At Leon Cycle, we only sell NCM and ET.Cycle folding bikes.

Handy bikes in 20 inch format

Folding bikes are an optimal option for mobility, especially for commuters. They can take their folding bike with them on the bus or train, usually free of charge. Another option is to take it with you on vacation. Such a folding bike fits, for example, in the mobile home and even in almost every trunk. In addition, the bikes offer a good driving experience due to the often low center of gravity and have unparalleled maneuverability. Normally, these bikes have a wheel size of 20" and the models here in the webshop also have these.

An electric folding bike or E folding bike is a folding bike that is equipped with an electronic system that supports the driver. This system consists of a motor, battery, display, and controller. It is important that the driver is only supported, i.e. he has to pedal in order for the motor to be activated. This then happens up to a speed of 25 km/h, so it is a pedelec for which insurance or helmets are compulsory. The big advantage of an e-folding bike is that you can easily increase your range or make driving easier. Of course, you have to consider that it is still a folding bike and therefore the comfort is different than, for example, a trekking bike, but especially on a camping holiday.

Best Electric Folding Bikes in Australia

If you decide to buy an e-folding bike, you are spoiled for choice. Essentially, we offer 8 different models, which are perfectly suited for every use. Here is an overview of the selection:

  • ET. Cycle F720 - The best premium folding e-bike with Fat Tyres and Long Lasting Battery 
  • ET. Cycle F1000 - The best premium folding e-bike with Fat Tyres, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, and Long Lasting Battery 
  • NCM Paris - The entry-level Folding E-Bike.
  • NCM Paris Plus -  Equipped with Hydraulic Disc Brakes and Long Lasting Battery 
  • NCM Paris Max - Folding E-Bike equipped with Bafang 250w Mid Drive Motor.
  • NCM London - Lightweight entry-level Folding E-Bike.
  • NCM London Plus - Equipped with Hydraulic Disc Brakes and Long Lasting Battery.
  • FOO F1: Easy to fold e-bike with a unique, low, and stable frame.