NOERDEN x LEON CYCLE: When two rising tech stars join forces to lead by example.

Author: Roshan Karki  Date Posted:4 November 2021 


November promises to be a month of eco-sustainability at NOERDEN & LEON CYCLE. Ever more people, that wish to contribute to the well-being of the planet, are opting for environmentally friendly products and means of transportation. With this in mind, the French fitness tech brand NOERDEN has joined forces with the German electric bicycle brand LEON CYCLE (NCM BIKES). Their goal? Emphasize the ecological, physical and psychological benefits of using these high-tech products in day-to-day life.

"How can we pollute less?"

"What's in it for me?"

In line with the values of their time yet also reinforcing their own messages, NOERDEN & LEON CYCLE put eco-sustainability at the center of attention. With the LIZ smart bottle (from NOERDEN) and the E-CITY (NCM VENICE PLUS from LEON CYCLE) as the centerpieces of their collaboration, the two brands are using social networks to get their message out loud. 


The LIZ stainless steel bottle offers a container that, among other features, sterilizes liquids (eliminating 99.9% of bacteria & viruses), indicates the temperature and provides hydration reminders every two hours. These innovations enable you to protect the planet all while taking care of your health. Ideal for cyclists, LIZ goes hand in hand with NCM BIKES.

NCM electrically assisted bicycles are equipped with a high-performance battery (100km of autonomy), combine comfort and safety thanks to an adjustable position and an optimal grip. They are designed to accompany its users in urban and rural areas. LEON CYCLE wishes to offer eco-responsible mobility solutions to both the regular user as well as newbies.

Quality, accessibility, durability, reliability, longevity (of the battery), this is what you can find in the NOERDEN x LEON CYCLE collaboration.


Discover here the LIZ model from NOERDEN and get 30% off with the promo code LEON30.


French digital company in the Fitness Tech field, NOERDEN measures the body data of its users through innovative technological fitness devices, such as connected scales, smart bottles or even connected hybrid watches. The French start-up analyzes the data with algorithms and provides a simple daily guidance, adapted according to the users' profiles, on the mobile application.


The LEON CYCLE Group was established in Hanover, Germany in 2014 with the aim of providing consumers around the world with new solutions for eco-responsible mobility. Its main mission is to constantly develop and improve the various electronic technology divisions in order to lift the level of the industry. Currently, the company offers its own product lines in several countries and under different brands. LEON CYCLE aims to become the reference platform for any user looking for a reliable product, personalized service, all at competitive prices. 


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