6 Reasons that E-Bikes are Perfect for Commutes

Date Posted:23 May 2022 

We’ve always believed that ebikes are the best kept secret for those looking for a healthier, more sustainable, and simply more fun way to get to work every day. By combining convenience with speed and ease of use with the chance to get daily exercise, there’s no question that ebikes are the smarter way to commute. Here are just some of the reasons why.   


Ebikes can, with their electric motors, give you a boost and push you along faster than a normal bicycle. But what if we told you that was only part of what made them perfect for a seamlessly speedier commute? When you travel to work with an ebike, the daily traffic jams that you hit while driving a car, the long waits for the bus, or the trudge of changing lines on the subway are all a thing of the past. All you need to do is saddle up and you’re ready to get from A to B with ease.


Getting to work by ebike means that you can spend your commute exercising, rather than sitting on a bus or in the front seat of your car. Contrary to what some people think, ebikes can provide you with just as much exercise as a standard bicycle; their pedal assist only kicks in as and when you need it. For those days that are too busy to pack in much gym time, riding an ebike to work can be a convenient way to squeeze in a mild workout.


As any driver will know, the costs of commuting every day by car are not cheap. On top of that, they’re variable, with the cost of gas often rising – something that many people are experiencing firsthand right now. With an ebike, all you need to worry about is the cost of the bike and the electricity you need to charge it with. Not only are our ebikes great value on their own merit - like our own NCM C7, priced at just $1,999, for example - but they’re built to last too.


That said, sometimes you want to get to the office quickly and conveniently without having to work for it (or change shirts once you arrive). When necessary, an ebikes pedal assist and drive system can give you all the fun and convenience of riding a bike to work with none of the sweaty consequences that might usually put you off the idea.  

More distance

Sometimes, commutes can cover a large distance, especially for those working in and around big cities. By offering pedal assistance, ebikes allow you to cover more ground more easily than a standard bicycle when necessary, meaning that you can make long daily journeys without needing a car or having to wait around for public transport. Our e-city and e-trekking bikes, which are great for commutes, offer a maximum range of up to 150km / 95 miles per charge, with a range of batteries optimized for a range of distances.


There’s nothing comfy about sitting on a packed bus or crawling through a traffic jam, and there’s nothing better than cruising to work on an ebike and feeling the fresh air first thing in the morning. Our ebikes are specifically engineered to enable healthy and comfortable riding, giving you the chance to make getting to work as enjoyable as it is effortless.

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